Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Summer course-paintings

This summerholiday I was on a painting-course at Kunsthøjskolen Holbæk together with my sister, Emilie Bach (check out her stuff too) and my mother, Christel Bach.
I had the pleasure of having the painter Jesper Palm as my teacher, and it was all in all a really good experience. I've never painted as big before, as I did these weeks, and I felt like I got a good taste of what traditional acrylic painting can offer and be like. Anyways, to the paintings themselves:

"Last Snow" - 120 x 93 cm - acrylic

This one was really fun to create because I would just slash big strokes of measurement in the beginning and establish the forms, designing them - hence adding more and more before arriving at the final piece. However, I struggled with the "redness" in the picture grabbing a lot of attention in the background, especially in the distance. You see from my proces-pictures just below how I introduced a lot of warm brown and red in my picture quite early - hence eliminating and downtoning a lot of it in the final.

"Escaping Her Drawing" - 100 x 79 cm - Acrylic

I've always wondered how something would look if it was half a painting, half a drawing - as the final result, and not with the drawing just being a preliminary stage for the final painting to sit upon. So this is my interpretation of how that would look.


Last note: my paintings were photographed by Morten Lund - Big thanks!


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