Hi there! Im Benjamin, a 23 year old artist from Denmark - I currently live in Viborg, studying to obtain a bachelor in Computer Graphics-Art, at a truly amazing and inspiring school, called "The Animation Workshop" (http://www.animwork.dk/en/).

Aside from all the formal stuff, I strive to be an honest, authentic and positive person to be around. My passion and personal interest lie mostly within 2d-artwork, ranging from concept art, visual development, digital painting and colors to drawing, fine art - most creative ways of expressing interests me. Besides my passion for creating and learning about the world of arts, I'm also passionate about games/films, sports, workouts as well as discovering new music.

Here's a little unpretentious, alternative list of things I love:
- I love observing the everchanging skies
- I love finding new artists and analyze what it is i like about them
- I love sharing the gems I find on my artistic journey with people around me
- I love when things in life moves something within you - make you feel
- I love to work on things that I'm passionate about - passion's my fuel. Life's too short not loving what you work on.

If you have any questions, critique or if you'd just like to chat - feel free to hit me up at:
benjamin.bn (at) student.animwork.dk



- 11 aug-15 | Degree in Bachelor of Arts - Computer Graphic Artist, The Animation Workshop, Viborg, Denmark

- 11 jan-jun | Drawing Academy - Classical Drawing, Viborg, Denmark

- 10-11 | Day Nursery, Skt. Anna Gade, Aarhus, Denmark

- 09 aug-dec | The Skandinavian Design College - Graphic Design, Randers, Denmark

- 06-09 | Aarhus Katedralskole (Aarhus High School), Aarhus,  Denmark


Freelance Work Experience
- Tumblehead
concept art for game-pitch - March 2014

- Project Exodus Sci-fi Project
concept art / visual development - September 2012

- "Duelyst" - Indie-RPG
environmental piece for kickstarter-campaign - November 2013

Courses taken
- 13 jun-jul | "Kunsthøjskolen Holbæk" - 2 weeks - "Painting 2" with Jesper Palm
- 11 jan-jun | "The Drawing Academy" - Classical drawing, Viborg.
- 08 aug-dec | Kunstakademiet Vestergade, Aarhus - Croquis drawing evening class

Additional Experience
- Given a live-lecture on "Digital Painting" 

- Been Art Director on a 4 month school-project: 

Software Experience:

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