Thursday, June 16, 2011

Aaaand here goes the zoo!

Yeah, like 3rd time within a year I've been visiting the zoo and drawing animals w. friends/family - awesome. I should really practise on cat-faces and anatomy though - it's still a lot of trouble. But overall, things is starting to feel more fluid and natural while drawing. Got really happy for the more cartoony-influenced rhino-drawing this time! (3rd drawing, upperleft)


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

TDA exhibition stuff and zoo... again!

Hello there.
My long summerholiday started - and so far it's been great, tho a bit busy and hectic, I feel like I'm soon in need of some days off for myself - the strange feeling of wishing to be alone for just a few days:D Anyways, what follows here on the blog will be my TDA-studies and the stuff I had hanging on the walls at our exhibiton. So, time to show off what the 5 months of intense classical-drawing could pull off from me, in terms of studies of  faces, figures, bones and other creative output:

Zoo-drawings from today coming soon