I'm all about sharing what I find on my journey to become a better artist, and if I can help anyone along the way, I'd be thrilled to do so. Below is a collection of the best I've found over the last couple of years - the small gems on the internet that is worth your time and will hopefully make you discover new fantastic things!
I sincerely hope you enjoy!

Light, Illustration Techniques & Fundamentals
Nathan Fowkes Youtube-videos

Anthony Jones Youtube-videos

Dave Rapoza Youtube-videos

Daarken tutorials

James Gurney

Joe Madureira - an honest interview

Hans Bacher - Dreamworlds pdf

Dota 2 Character Art Guide

Muddy Colors - art blog w. both traditional media/digital artists

ColorfulAnimationExpressions - great color blog

Sevencamels - Not updated very often, but always with golden content

Ctrl-Paint - Basics of digital painting, this is a great place to start

Shading/Light/Render basics


Brushes from danish artist Jan Ditlev

Shaddy Safadi - brush pack 


Have you found a gem you think belongs here? Email me!

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