Sunday, May 29, 2011

Epic reunion w. colorpencils :D

Yay! Had an awesome evening at the school with classmates drawing, and finally made something I'm really happy about. Can be rare to get the "yay" feeling!:D Anyways, I borrowed some of Mortens colored Faber-Castel pencils, found a picture on deviantart I printed and went away by trying out the Lawrence/Glenn Vilppu style we learned in this spring. Was great trying to get some fluidity in it and focus mostly on the light/shadow play in the picture.

So here goes, dedicated to the guy who where the first to truly teach me how to draw, Lawrence Marvit:


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Face study

I'd believe we're not actually done with this picture yet, even it surely feels like I'm done with it..!

Next friday+ I'll be posting many studies, since it's our last day and we'll be exhibiting our works. So expect big update there!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011

Croquisstuff + longstudy

So, time for a lil update before imma head to party on the school. We're doing more longstudies with Artem at the school, currently working on a standing male and a sitting female-pose, which we've finally finished. I'm not particularly satisfied with it - a lot of frustration was let out during the proces. However I'm sure it's all meaningful in the end and I surely learnt a lot from it.
Funny little episode when our teacher's 1-year old little girl Rambo went posing and put on an act beside our model, and ended up giving her a pinch in the nipple, to everyone's joy! Most hilarious figure-drawing moment so far :D
And here some experimental croquis-drawing with ink and some more figure drawing w. Glenn Vilppu:


Saturday, May 7, 2011

CGA august+, hand study and more fluid G. Vilppu croquis

So...I've gotten the extremely awesome message by the Animation Workshop, that they've accepted me into their Computer Graphic Artist bachelor-programme from 29th of August, so I'm all high and happy for the time being! Furthermore many of the people around the school-environment and from my drawing class got admitted too - so it's going to be great and super exciting gettin' started!

At the drawing course we've recently gotten our russian teacher Artem back, so back to composition and russian-stylish longstudies - it's actually great and things is starting to make more sense. We're also working on a standing figure-long study which we'll finish during next week hopefully. Below is an hour-long handstudy of a female classmate of mine, Marion:
During the last few days I've also had the pleasure of having the figure-drawing master, Glenn Vilppu, and work some more on my croquis and this curvy gesturelike-approach to figure drawing. 

Also, little sidenote: If you like chillout/electronica/downtempo, go check out Bonobo - they make some very nice music


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Moar sketches

Sci-fi character sketch (10 m) and a little longer drawing of a female model posing in a train-cabin (2 h)


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sketches n' stuff

Time for an update. Finally pulled myself together to scan in some croquis and stuff from my sketchbook. Not really making much finished stuff for the time being - it's mostly all sketches and Drawing Academy-related stuff.

Mixed croquis drawings:

Sketchbook stuff here (Last page being nature-studies w. did with Monty which involved a lot of blind-drawing to capture life)