Friday, May 13, 2011

Croquisstuff + longstudy

So, time for a lil update before imma head to party on the school. We're doing more longstudies with Artem at the school, currently working on a standing male and a sitting female-pose, which we've finally finished. I'm not particularly satisfied with it - a lot of frustration was let out during the proces. However I'm sure it's all meaningful in the end and I surely learnt a lot from it.
Funny little episode when our teacher's 1-year old little girl Rambo went posing and put on an act beside our model, and ended up giving her a pinch in the nipple, to everyone's joy! Most hilarious figure-drawing moment so far :D
And here some experimental croquis-drawing with ink and some more figure drawing w. Glenn Vilppu:


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