Saturday, May 7, 2011

CGA august+, hand study and more fluid G. Vilppu croquis

So...I've gotten the extremely awesome message by the Animation Workshop, that they've accepted me into their Computer Graphic Artist bachelor-programme from 29th of August, so I'm all high and happy for the time being! Furthermore many of the people around the school-environment and from my drawing class got admitted too - so it's going to be great and super exciting gettin' started!

At the drawing course we've recently gotten our russian teacher Artem back, so back to composition and russian-stylish longstudies - it's actually great and things is starting to make more sense. We're also working on a standing figure-long study which we'll finish during next week hopefully. Below is an hour-long handstudy of a female classmate of mine, Marion:
During the last few days I've also had the pleasure of having the figure-drawing master, Glenn Vilppu, and work some more on my croquis and this curvy gesturelike-approach to figure drawing. 

Also, little sidenote: If you like chillout/electronica/downtempo, go check out Bonobo - they make some very nice music


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