Thursday, June 26, 2014

Summer sketches

Been too long since I sat down with real brushes and sketchbook - every time I sit down with good music and begin I totally love it - gotta remind myself that! So this summer I've been having a few plans, targeting areas that I feel like I needed to improve in. First of all, I drew hands for a month and I realised that I might need to spice it up with a few other topics in between. For July and August I wanted to focus on perspective and compositions, as well as head construction and facial expressions. So here follows a variety of sketches:

(In my sketchbook I did a total 24 pages of hands - a mixture of sketches of my own hand, cartoon hands from ref, real hands from ref, photosketches of people in situations etc. - These were some of the betters ones)







Friday, June 20, 2014

Abstract colors

Some experimental abstract color-thumbs.
Inspired by Bato Dugarzhapov's color palettes.


Friday, June 13, 2014


This is a piece I did in my two exam-weeks together with some other mixed stuf (character designs, turnarounds, thumbnails, reference etc.). So the initial story behind the picture is the following:

"A team of two alien scientists returns after a thousand years of absence from their home world, to see their planet having radically changed since the flood of chemicals and ice overwhelmed the planet, making everyone leave it. Perhaps the changed ecosystem is not the only surprise waiting for them on their journey?"

I basicly digged really deep into world-building, and researching into a lot of various areas, like glaciology, biology, figuring out which plants can grow in the arctic and lots of other stuff. It's probably been the most interesting experience with world building and reference I've ever had. You can see the madness-map I ended up having created here:

I plan to do several pictures w. various things for this universe, like creaturedesigns, propdesigns, more keyshots, finalized character designs and such.