Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ines - Sweet little girl


 This is Ines! A sweet little 2-year old half spanish/half danish kid I used to take care of, when I was working 10 months in day care/day nursery in Aarhus. She used to fill her mouth up with sand, and I'd attempt to tell her it wasn't the greatest to eat.


I've realized something about my paintings as of recently. A good friend of mine, Morten Lund, recently pointed out to me that there was one particular picture he'd always look at, when I'm my room - and it would be the one with the most captivating story. That led me to reconsidering my approach when making artwork - very often I just do doodles, studies or things that eventually and randomly become finished paintings - but with very little backstory or idea.

So, returning back to what Peter Chan taught me in my first year of TAW, creating emotional and powerful artworks will be my new pursuit. And I feel like I've got quite a good bunch of ideas up my sleeve that needs visualization.

And sincerely thank you, dear reader, for following my progress here on this blog.


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