Sunday, January 1, 2012

Completed goache-piece

So, the first completed piece done with goache-watercolors - and I really had a blast doing it! It was so challenging and complex, at the same so fun to play around with - I really felt like making this piece was developing and giving for me.

Several things was challenging during the proces: First of all, matching this warm to cool color-transition, it quickly goes from white->orangy-reddish-purplish-blueish, someplaces in a very little area. Connected to this is to controlling not only the color transitions, but the edge transitions - some places having sharp castshadows with orangeish glow at the very edge - other places just soft shadows.

Another thing was keeping in mind the tone of the paper. Since I went with this blue, slight purplish-hued paper, everything I painted of the bodycolor would be somewhat transparent, requiring several layers. So when I'd pick a white with just a little bit of water mixed into it, I'd get this pale white-blueish, which was not what I wanted. Next time I might aswell just paint out some solid base-color underneath it all, and hope that when it dries, it won't interfere and blend with paint putted ontop. I'll have to play around with that some time.

Anyways, reference picture is here:

And as you notice, there's these very clear cast shadows on her skin from the windows - and painting these in a convincing manner making them look natural, gosh that's a bitch. Also, I should probably consider adding in the lightsource (window) in the picture, so we understand where this light is coming from?


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