Friday, January 27, 2012

Colorweek thumbnailing

A great week of color-theory and practical experimenting with acrylic paint is over!
First off, we were to copy an existing painting (the first one I picked was one of Sargent, an artist I've recently come to like, he's truly amazing). The other two on the first picture was black/white pictures where we were to decide the color and light setting (time of the day) aswell as local color and the color of the light.

Next ones down was my own idea - we were to thumbnail down ideas for the theme "Space Knight", and play around with various light settings and color-contrasts. I finally settled upon a morning setting with orange/peachy colored clouds, as seen on the picture number 3. Finally, nr 4 was another "Space Knights" idea with foreground-characters watching an epic invasion-battle with laser-explosionorama-scenario.


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