Sunday, May 12, 2013

Brett Bean practise

 I thought I'd do some focused practise, and in order to help me doing so, I thought I'd select an artist to focus on for the rest of May and June month. I've recently seen the works of Brett Bean after having listened to a livestream - and I'd really wish for my own character designs and environments to have that fluidity, playfulness and daring shapes. This is what I attempt to practise at the moment.
As you can see on the sketches below, the proces was as follows:

- 4 warm-up sketches, from some of Brett Beans own artwork.
- Hence a caricature - reference photo from this great gallery - but it didn't felt pushed enough. The hair could have been an even bigger shape and enhanced more.
- Nextly another attempt at the same woman from a different angle - she ended up looking really mean!
- Finally another reference photo and a simple coloring beneath

This was a little about my current attempt at improving my character design. Have a great day!

Oh, and this was a little fun drawing Ser Jorah from Game of Thrones:



  1. How the heck does this not have any comments?! This is awesome!

  2. Hi there Britny! Thanks a lot for your encouraging message! I believe there is not too many using the comment-system in Blogger too much, atleast I haven't seen :)