Sunday, December 11, 2011

"Malade" and painting reflections

In my recent painting I wished to try a few things, some of them succeeded, some didn't. First of all I wished to make a painting where the brushstrokes would vary, going from rough and grand to detailed and minor - this also meant overcoming my most common problem: Not being able to detail or finish something off. That part succeeded. Secondly I wished to carry some of the classical drawing-technique with varying pressure in the outline into it aswell - and also I had in mind to play with warm versus cold colors. That succeeded fairly well aswell. Finally I'd like to make a picture which would NOT depend on value-play, as in having a broad range from almost white tones to almost black tones (since I typically in my pictures attempt to get a broad range). I wished to see if I could make a picture which would function and be strong with very little value-difference - since I've seen other artists do such a thing with nice digital black/white portraits.

However, in the end, after having done all the painting proces and shined it up with some sharpening at several places, it still needed something - and I saw no other solution than playing around with Curves-adjustment layers aswell as Color Balance, and ended up with, in my opinion, a better picture - even the small-value-range goal failed. Better luck next time I suppose!

Reference picture ("malade" by MartaSyrko on deviantART) - and painting without curves & color-adjustments:

Final version:


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